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Mar, 2020

Change in District 3 Meeting Schedules

To: All District 3 Officers: Presidents/ADA's                                                                                                           Mar 15-20
From: Tom McCarville DA 3 LL NJ
Subject: Change in District 3 Meeting Schedules

Hello, after speaking and/or hearing from some D3 Presidents, and some Sr D3 ADA's, plus recently seeing the LL International's position on the Virus situation, and the President announcing a "National Emergency", and hear that now, a number of Public school systems in South Jersey are closing, plus the Catholic Schools in South Jersey are closing for about 2 weeks & announced already.

It was time for a "Judgment call" re: meeting updates.
We will not have the BB - SB meetings setup originally by ADA Rory Mingus as per his earlier announcement and now we will also cancel the District 3 March Pres's/ Officers meeting that was set for this Wed at North Cumberland LL.

I will pull together information that we'd normally consider covering at the meeting and do a "News Letter" of sorts, and get it out later on, for all Pres's and ADA's, an "IN Lieu Of" our actual meeting.  
This will be an Electronic Meeting via email, instead of dragging out our key people into one room and have someone maybe get sick.

We hope all will consider doing NOTHING League wise by way of LL activities,: IE: Practices, Scrims, Games, etc. until this Virus issue levels off.
I know LL Headquarters is working on Regulations that can trump the normal Regulations on how many games are needed to qualify for All- Stars, etc.

We all want to play ball, I know, but our health for All Age LL Personnel, big or small, MUST be the 1st priority. I hope we never have to go thru what Italy is going thru now ,so some laying low now may get us rolling again soon.

Thank you all for dealing with this situation, but it is a great time for your League's to update JDP Back Ground checks, Registration of Players/ Managers on the Data Center, ASAP Safety Plan, etc.

Tom McCarville
District 3 AD
New Jersey Little League

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