Score Reporting

The winning team coach and the tournament site director must contact the District Office to state who won over whom and final score.  Contact District 3 at 856-697-9148 or via email to [email protected] text 609-980-5012 immediately at the completion of the game.  District 3 will post scores and standings on www.D3LLNJ.COM


Date Division  Update
 July 7 Junior Baseball Game F3 at E. Vineland canceled due to field conditions. Game moved to Friday at 6pm.  F4 ("IF Game") will follow F3.  See Schedule for More Details
 June 27 10-12 Softball Elmer vs. Alloway - See Schedule for Changes.  All 3 games moved up one day due to rain-out on Monday.
 June 27 Senior Baseball E. Vineland vs. S. Vineland Finals - See Schedule for Changes
 June 27 Junior Baseball Game 12 (North Vineland vs. Elmer) RAINED-OUT will be played on Tuesday, same place & time
 June 24 8-10 Baseball Game #7 Time changed tp 5pm (West Cumberland vs. Buena)
 June 23 Junior BB Game 7 (W. Cumberland vs. Woodstown) moved to Friday due to field conditions
 June 17 8-10 Baseball Game #10 time changed to 7pm (South Vineland at Pennsville)
 June 12 8-10 Softball A team dropped out.  Schedule has been updated
 June 9 Junior Baseball A team dropped out. Tournament now is one pool with six teams.   See new schedule below.

District 3 All-Star Tournament Schedule and Scores

Baseball 8-10 year old  (Updated June 24)Baseball 50/70 IntermediateSoftball 8-10 year old (Updated June 12)
Baseball 9-11 year oldBaseball Junior 12-14 year old  (Updated July 7) Softball 10-12 year old
Baseball 10-12 year oldBaseball Senior 15-16 year old (Updated June 27)Softball Junior 12-14 year old
Softball Senior 13-16 year old

Winning Manager and site Tournament Director should text scores to 609-980-5012 or email to TJMC8 or call 856-697-9148 immediately after each game. Give the following information: who played who, at what location, plus score and innings played.   

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District 3 Administrator: Tom McCarville 
Newfield, New Jersey 08344

Phone: 856-697-9148

Email: [email protected]